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Secure WordPress Blog with Best Secure WordPress Plugin

Blog security is one of the most crucial element of wordpress blog. All bloggers are mainly concentrating on the security aspect of the blog. Secure WordPress is a free WordPress plugin that helps secure your WordPress blog by reviewing key security functions. Hundreds of thousands of people already use the Secure WordPress plugin with great […]

Advertisement management with BittAds WordPress Plugin Review

This plugin is used to Integrate BittAds into blog. It automatically embeds tags and enables you to make regular content into targeted ads. BittAds is a solution for website owners and online ad agencies that need advanced, but easy to use advertisement management software. You can serve up to 25 million ads per month for […]

Manage all Error Pages with Redirection WordPress Plugin

When someone comes to your website, and asks for a webpage that doesn’t exist, the webserver serves up a “404 ERROR, PAGE NOT FOUND”. Webpages get “lost” for various reasons, some of which you, the WordPress operator, have no control over: You may have deleted a page that is still a popular search result. You […]

Cut short Long Tail URL into short URL with WP Chunk WordPress Plugin

I have been having problems with long URL’s left by commentators that break my site design. So I did a quick Google search and found this cool WordPress Plugin that does the job perfectly. WP-Chunk is a plugin for WordPress that automatically shortens URLs within comments so they don’t break your site design. This prevents […]

Take Blog Ranking to High note with SEO Blogroll WordPress Plugin

SEO Blogroll is about optimizing your site so that its rankings go up in search engine results. SEO Blogroll strategies make it easier for search engines to find your site when someone searches for a keyword that is relevant to your site’s content. SEO blogroll is one of the best SEO plugin wordpress, with this […]

How to configure and install WP-DBManager WordPress Plugin

WP-DBManager manages your WordPress database. Allows you to optimize database, repair database, backup database, restore database, delete backup, drop / empty tables & run selected queries. Supports automatic scheduling of  backing up and also optimizing of database. we use this plugin to repair our database (Fix error), maintenance, use of database source more efficient  (Optimize), […]

Backup and Restore Database with WP-DBManager WordPress Plugin

We all know what it’s like, we’ll think about backing up the database, because we know it is the most crucial part of our blog. But yet as soon as we sit at the PC we complete our usual work like starting from checking stats, checking adsense, checking emails & before we know it we […]