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5 Security Plugins Make Your WordPress Blog Hack-Proof

WordPress is one of the best content management system which is first choice of many bloggers as the platform for their blog. It is also used for designing websites and e-commerce sites. More famous your blog or site is more the hackers will try to hack it. If you want to prevent your wordpress site […]

Optimize wordpress Blog with WP Super Cache Plugin

There are various reasons that your WordPress blog is loading slow and one of the simple reason is wordpress has to serve php call to open same page for different readers. This add more load to server and should be avoided by¬† using a cache plugin. There are many cache plugins available but one which […]

How to add Social Networking Buttons in Blogspot Blog or WordPress Blog

This tutorial shows you how to place a social bookmarking button on your site by accessing a free social bookmark and feed button builder service. When a selection is made by a visitor eg Delicious, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, MySpace, Stumble Upon they are given the option to submit your blog to their online bookmarks. Adding […]

How to add Facebook Like Fan Box in wordpress Blog or Blogger Blog

Facebook has not only become a place for young people to connect and network, but it has also become another avenue for businesses and organizations to connect, network and promote their organization.? Facebook fan pages can be created for virtually anything – for celebrities, athletes or for specific events or businesses. Creating a fan page […]

How to add Feedjit Live to your Blogspot and WordPress Blog

A free Feedjit Live Traffic widget can be a very useful widget to add to a Blogger Blogspot blog or wordpress blog because it provides details about the kind of content your visitors are interested in. It is simple to customize and add a Feedjit widget to your Blog sidebar or footer. FeedJit offers free […]