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Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform for the New Blogger

Before starting a blog, new bloggers could waste a long time researching a viable blogging platform among the countless free hosting services. These newbie bloggers could save themselves the time and hassle by sticking with the most reliable and rewarding of blogging platforms, WordPress. To the uninitiated, WordPress represents the endless potential possible with a […]

Recover wordpress comments with Comment Recovery

Have you ever lost your wordpress comments? I am sure, YES!! it could be while you are shifting your blog to a new hosting, Or it could be have been a mistake from your side while playing with the configurations. There are lot of things in wordpress which should be taken care of, the first […]

Magnify onsite Images with Image Zoomer in wordpress

The other day is have given tutorial about how to make images Zoom in blogspot, today i am gonna share the same tutorial, but this time for wordpress users. This Plugin comes with some simple options for the users. The User has to just upload and activate the plugin to make it work. Image Zoomer […]

Clean Bunch of wordpress useless Data with Clean Options

Cleaning the database often will provide more accurate and realistic data with more flexibility in terms of speed and duplication. A cleaner database runs more efficiently, which means that your blog can deliver its content faster. If the database is clean then it will take less time for the server also to load. Clean Options […]

Secure Your WordPress by WordPress File Monitor Plugin

Today i have found out an excellent plugin for all security concern bloggers and users at wordpress blogging platform. This plugin is usually the best of all wordpress security plugin, called WordPress File Monitor. One good point is that it does rely on WordPress being able to load in order to do its work.  So […]

6 Excellent wordpress plugins to optimize Blog SEO

Today we are gonna write about some Excellent wordpress plugins to optimize Blog SEO. It actually took time to search through thousands of WordPress plugins that are out there and finding ones that are suitable for you can be time consuming. In this post we are going to share with you 6 Excellent wordpress plugins […]