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How to install and configure Recent Comments WordPress Plugin

You can let the plugin order the comments by the corresponding post, or simply order them by date. Now blog up your Blogging with the Recent Comments WordPress Plugin. This is the most simple plugin in terms of showing up in the run time. Before proceeding ahead, we highly recommend you to read Show Blog […]

No Self Pings WordPress Plugin Review

WordPress sends pings to your own site when you link to other posts on your blog internally! This appears as a pingback on the post you have linked to, in the comments section. While it makes it easier to leave a trail of inter-related posts, most of us find this feature of WordPress quite absurd! […]

Meta SEO Pack WordPress Plugin Review

Blogging is a way to increase your Knowledge + Visitors. But many people don’t achieve much in this field just because of SEO and its related effects. But wordpress has derived an awesome plugin for Generating SEO. Meta SEO Pack Gives an awesome exposure of your Blog to the Search Engine. It has lots more […]

WP Google Analytics WordPress Plugin Review

Every site has associated brands, some brands are biggger than others. For these, isolating brand search is essential if you’re serious about using search to create incremental business i.e. create awareness and sales from new customers. Today we are going to talk about WP Google Analytics Plugin. To use this plugin in wordpress, you must […]

Insights WordPress Plugin Review

Recently we had the pleasure of using some of the unknown Plugins. We also got many valuable comments from our Guest. So we started trying out a few more impressive and useful wordpress Plugins, one of which has really started saving our time, so much so we thought we should give it a quick review […]

HeadSpace2 WordPress Plugin Review

HeadSpace2 SEO plugin will make creating meta data very simple and less tedious. There are a lot of shortcuts which you can use in the plugin which will help creating meta data without any complications. Meta data can be formed and configured for posts, pages of website, categories, home page and dynamic pages of your […]

All in one Webmaster WordPress Plugin Review

Today we bring you the most important plugin for a blogger. This plugin is almost used by every blogger. Take a look on our review on All in one Webmaster. If you are a webmaster or a blogger you probably heard of Google Webmaster Tool.  Both Yahoo and Bing have their own versions called Yahoo […]