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6 Reasons Why you need to Guest Blog on others Website Blog

There are many reasons for guest blogging. The kind of guest post is determined by the reason for guest blogging. Highlighted below are some of the major reasons for using guest blogging. 1. For gaining quality traffic This is the major reason why many people guest post. This is the best way of getting traffic […]

Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform for the New Blogger

Before starting a blog, new bloggers could waste a long time researching a viable blogging platform among the countless free hosting services. These newbie bloggers could save themselves the time and hassle by sticking with the most reliable and rewarding of blogging platforms, WordPress. To the uninitiated, WordPress represents the endless potential possible with a […]

Get Premium Thesis Blogger Template for FREE

Thesis is very popular and worthy premium WordPress theme. I am very happy to announce that, hacktutors has successfully converted this theme from wordpress to blogger for all the blogspot users. Thesis is a world class theme used by all professional bloggers for blogging especially the wordpress platform bloggers. Go ahead and download your dream […]

Get the all new Mashable inspired Blogger Template

Today is another great day to check another excellent and fresh new template. Mash 2 is one of the most downloaded template with more than 4000 happy users and the creator used to get lots of emails and comments for making the template.We also give a very thankful message from our side to the creator […]

Cool Blogger Template with Badgers Blogger Template

Badgers Blogger Template is another beautiful blogger template which is modified and converted from WordPress template made by WpCorner. Badgers Blogger Template is a simple but cool blogger template and it is made for serious bloggers who are intend to post a lot of posting and they add a nice image in their post. This […]

Awesome Blogger Templates is now here with Inove

Today we are going to show you an excellent theme which can make up your mind to install it in your blogger template and have fun with it. This template is so awesome that it is supported to provide you all features of all times for blogger templates. Inove is a free blogger template adapted […]

linkwithin – Best Gadget to show related post with Thumbnails

Most related posts gadgets work about the same. They generate a list of possibly related posts based on keywords and categories and display them simply at the end of a blog post. But today we got something new and creative. Everyone loves graphics nowadays, so why not combine photos and your related posts into clickable […]