Will These Social Media Relics Rise Again

Social news website Digg was one of the first sites of its kind that allowed users to submit news stories and then rank them in order of popularity. Users could vote up or ‘dig’ the stories they liked or give a thumbs down to the stories they didn’t. Despite the website’s soaring popularity during 2008 which saw a staggering 236 million users visiting the site, founder Kevin Rose launched a massive overhaul of the site which attempted to copy the familiar layouts of sites like Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, the redesign was plagued by system bugs, and regular users missed the old features that had been removed.

After stubbornly refusing to respond to criticism of its new design, Digg eventually admitted its mistake, and Kevin Rose stated that “We did a lot of things that went against the DNA of our product.” In 2012, Digg was bought by 3 different buyers for a total of $16.5 million which was a huge step down from the $200 million that was almost handed over by Google just four years earlier.

Digg has now undergone its second renovation and the new clean, simple design may just help it regain some of its old users back from main competitor Reddit.

Will These Social Media Relics Rise Again? by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

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