Show Blog Recent Comments with the Recent Comments WordPress Plugin

This plugin shows excerpts of the latest comments and/or trackbacks in your sidebar. You have comprehensive control about their appearance. This ranges from the number of comments, the length of the excerpts up to the html layout.

You can let the plugin order the comments by the corresponding post, or simply order them by date. Now blog up your Blogging with the Recent Comments WordPress Plugin. This is the most simple plugin in terms of showing up in the run time.

This is yet another Recent comments plugin. I tried to keep the display of the recent comments as simple as possible.

This plugin displays a list of the most recent comments. Each list item contains two things:

  1. The comment author. This is also the hyperlink to the actual comment. The title of the relevant post is displayed in this link’s tooltip, so to keep the display as simple as possible.
  2. A small excerpt of the comment.

Show Blog Recent Comments with the Recent Comments WordPress Plugin

Bel0w are some of the excellent features available:

  • Highly configurable via WordPress admin interface;
  • Support for WordPress 1.5 or higher;
  • Adjustable layout by macros;
  • Handles trackbacks and comments in separate lists, in one combined list;
  • Widget support;
  • Caches the output;
  • Order comments by date, or by posting;
  • Support for gravatars;
  • Option to exclude comments to posts in certain categories;
  • Doesn’t show pingbacks originating from own blog;
  • There is a special version for lyceum multiblog installations.
  • Before leaving we highly recommend you to read How to install and configure Recent Comments WordPress Plugin

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