Sell Great Products and Earn Heavily with E-Junkie Affiliate Marketing

E-Junkie is a whole lot of different when it comes to that.  E-Junkie makes it easier for you to set-up everything from start to finish, and you can immediately set-up shop.  The user interface so simple and easy to use that you will find it enjoyable to do everything and the service has a slew of features that you can use.

Sell others Products

One can even sell the affiliate products provided by other customers and get paid huge for the service of selling their products. We would like to share an article of Getting our First ever Affiliate sold for Crunchynow from E-Junkie. Do read it and Get yourself registered at E-Junkie Now!! and Start earning Hugely.

Sell Great Products and Earn Heavily with E-Junkie Affiliate Marketing

Sell your own Products

Everything in E-Junkie is centrally managed.  Any digital products or tangible products you have in your E-Junkie can be sold across different websites, your personal business website, blog, MySpace account.  You simply need to copy a simple code for your Cart or Buy Now button which E-Junkie will provide for you.  Now if you are selling digital products, your buyer will be directed to the instant download page after successful payment, then the customer is sent a thank you email which you can customize as well.

Best Part

The best thing about E-Junkie is that it allows for the selling of tangible products as well.  You can fill in the fulfillment service feature of the program so that when you don’t have enough products available it won’t take orders for you anymore.


E-junkie lets you vary your commission rates for different products and affiliates, but commissions can only be set on a percentage-of-sale basis – no cost-per-click, cost-per-lead or flat rates are possible. There is also no option for a second or third tier. In addition, you will have to host your banners on your own site and direct your affiliates to collect them from there. This is an extra step for you and your affiliates, and a definite drawback to E-junkie. As a result, neither you nor your affiliates will be able to track the performance of specific banners or text links.

Sell Great Products and Earn Heavily with E-Junkie Affiliate Marketing

Payment Options

E-Junkie allows you to use different methods of payment services such as Paypal, Google Checkout, and  The program also has its own Vat, sales, and tax calculator along with shipping calculator.  The shipping calculator is so smart it follows the directives that you specify in it.

Bottom Line

E-junkie is a great option for bloggers looking for affiliate advertising opportunities that match their blogs and audiences but don’t require large amounts of monthly traffic to participate. Sign up for E-Junkie Now for Free and start your affiliate marketing earning from today onwards.

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