Secure Your WordPress by WordPress File Monitor Plugin

Today i have found out an excellent plugin for all security concern bloggers and users at wordpress blogging platform. This plugin is usually the best of all wordpress security plugin, called WordPress File Monitor.

One good point is that it does rely on WordPress being able to load in order to do its work.  So if the malicious individual totally brings your site down, or removes WordPress from loading somehow, it won’t work.  However, a lot of the hackers out there have gotten to where they like inserting code into your WordPress pages, sometimes code that you can’t even see because they make it only show up to search engines.

Secure Your WordPress by WordPress File Monitor Plugin

You can select how often the plugin should check for changes, whether it should email you when there is a change, choice to check based on modify date or hash, and paths to exclude (like cache directories).

The WordPress File Monitor can monitor files outside of the WordPress install as well. This plugin will help protect you against that by alerting you when the changes are made or a file of theirs is added to your system.

This plugin monitors your WordPress installation for added/deleted/changed files. When a change is detected an email alert can be sent to a specified address.

Following are some of the features of this plugin

  • Monitors file system for added/deleted/changed files.
  • Sends email when a change is detected.
  • Multiple email formats for alerts.
  • Administration area alert to notify you of changes in case email is not received.
  • Ability to monitor files for changes based on file hash or timestamp.
  • Ability to exclude directories from scan (for instance if you use a caching system that stores its files within the monitored zone).
  • Site URL included in notification email in case plugin is in use on multiple site.

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