Scan blog for vulnerabilities with wp security scan WordPress Plugin

Just imagine, you woke up one morning, login to your blog and suddenly found yourself cannot access to it. Or suddenly you found someone has mess up your blog. These 2 incidents will be the worst nightmare for a blogger.

Therefore before content and traffic, our preference is for security first, from our side, we feel security is the most important.

There may be lots of chances that your blog is lacking various security vulnerabilities, for fixing security vulnerabilities I recommend you to use WP Security Scan. As I said above that there may be chances that some security vulnerabilities lacking behind after wordpress installation.

WP Security Scan Plugin Scans your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions.

Scan blog for vulnerabilities with wp security scan WordPress Plugin

It scans for the following bugs or vulnerabilities in your blog:

  • Passwords
  • File permissions
  • Database security
  • Version hiding
  • WordPress admin protection/security
  • Removes WP Generator META tag from core code

It tells everything you wants know including Computer system info, PHP version and complete module details, MySQL database prefix table details, .htaccess, Password strength generator and much more.

So go ahead and install WP Security Scan Plugin and make your blog secured and make protection against vulnerable activities.

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  1. thanks for sharing precious info and such a useful information.

  2. Anish KS says:

    Its a good plugin, me using it

  3. 3 Cheers or a more secure Blog! 😀

  4. TechChunks says:

    Its probably better to have one more plugin installed than to have your blog hacked. Thanks for the share! 🙂

  5. MaXi32 says:

    I think people are just stupid when using this plugin. I mean, of course you can avoid from being hack and get notified by WebsiteDefender every hour-day if someone make changes to your file contents without authorized. but please make yourself aware this. the plugin can read all your server’s contents like PHP content. For example try doing this: Make changes to the Wp-Config.php and then, you will get notified and after that you can view the source code view dashboard to see what has changed. That means, every changes can be viewed by WebsiteDefender because the file are hosted in their server. My conclusion is, don’t depend on this plugin. Unless you are ok to expose your WP-CONFIG contents to them. For me nope!

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