Restore/Download Customize setting with Thesis Import/Export

Once i posted an article about thesis, my readers asked me a question that, Is there any way through which they can export or imports their theme settings.

The solution is a plug-in named “Thesis Import/Export” and as soon as you install it you can download all your Thesis-settings into three different files. One for your Thesis-settings, one for your Thesis-design and one for your OpenHook-content which is great if you use the OpenHook-plugin.


Reload/Download Customize setting with Thesis Import/Export

So once you have completed a skin design, or custom layout for a client, you can just export the data files and then bundle them with the plugin. Once the skin is installed, the user simply uploads the bundled data files and all the original settings, hooks, etc. will be imported.

The only words of caution you will need with this plugin has to do with the restore functions. If you click on those links before you have saved a backup, all your settings will be lost!

If you are not a Thesis use get Thesis. Happy Blogging with Thesis Theme. Have you used this Plugin ever? how much you rate this plugin ? what are your views on this plugin. Do comment on this article about your views. Subscribe to our Email Subscription for the latest news about this Blog

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  1. Unwired Tech says:

    What is the difference between the built-in export/import function of thesis theme?

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