How not to let Your Readers Press the Unsubscribe option

You do not want to see your readers leaving your blog with a wry face and making all sort of weird comments. But you cannot put a gun in their heads and make them say good thing about you and your blog. You are not authorized to do so and it is so frustrating a lot.

Now, if this not bad, the worse is waiting in the fold. Unable to produce great content can lead to a steady rise in the number of people who are voluntarily getting them unsubscribed from your blog. Huh, heartbreaking is not it? Ask yourself what could make you press the unsubscribe button and you will have the answer. Here we are trying to feature some examples that can make you understand what is causing such havoc with your blog.

How not to let Your Readers Press the Unsubscribe option

Do Not irritate

People do not like to see their inbox getting overloaded with promotional mails. I personally do not like to see more than 3 mails per day. The same feeling is shared by almost every living person in this universe. It is quite easy to figure out a promotional mail if you are sending something like this – the offer is going to end in the next two hours, one hour or two minutes are remaining to grab this special offer. People are quick to unsubscribe if they find anything annoying.

Now, I am not asking to play fair all the time because when you are into marketing you have to play smart to outsmart your competitors and the best way you can do this is by looking at the statistics. Did you find anything unusual in the statistics that coincided with the launch with a particular marketing campaign? If yes, you need to do a market survey and find out the flaws contained in that marketing campaign before going for another.

Do Not Make People Bored

Probably you have already seen that some bloggers actually do not have anything to say. They are bereft of new ideas and what they are doing is repeating the same thing over and over again and thereby making people bored, really bored. The rule of thumb is that you have to entertain them in every possible way if you still want to make them receive the newsletters.

You should try your hands at some controversial topics or else you can ask for some guest bloggers and pay them descent amount and believe me something unique and productive will come out and people will willingly spread the love.

Do Not Play Trick

Do not try to be smart. People are conscious than ever and this could be in trouble. Some blog owners are in the habit of making big promising upon subscribing but they give little attention to fulfilling most of those promises or simply try to play trick with them. This is not something that you can help you curry flavor with your readers.  Honor whatever promises you have made and try not to mislead your readers, because eventually it is you who will be at the receiving end.

Do Not Let anyone Outsmart You

You need to work hard, really hard to come up with great topics, offers  occasional freebies and launch some campaigns every now and then  if you are to survive in this cutthroat competitive world. Blogsphere is no more one man show, it is ruled by thousands of bloggers and almost all of them are equally talented at writing. So, people now have more options and all you need to do is to entertain them by offering them this and that.

These have worked with my blog but since we all look different and have different values, try something different to see dramatic improvement.

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