PHP enabled Web Hosting & Benefits of PHP

If by any chance you are associated with the webhosting industry or else if you are a regular internet use then you should have read this word “PHP” for hundreds of times. You might have known what importance PHP has in the hosting, web designing and over all World Wide Web.

Meaning of PHP and Ways to find providers supporting PHP

PHP is also called as Hypertext Preprocessor, which is a server side hosting programming language that is fully managed under open source technology and software. PHP is most often used in web designing and web development which can be utilized as script and when needed provides HTMP output to the browsers.

PHP enabled Web Hosting & Benefits of PHP

With this unique ability, it can also be embedded in HTML pages only to save them as PHP extensions to make sure they function properly. For a basic example if you choose to embed PHP in a page named “source” then you will have to save it as “source.php” instead “source.html”.

As of now, almost web hosting service providers provide PHP support to all their clients free of cost as it is open source language and is most commonly used. PHP has become so popular these days where in you cannot imagine a site without use of PHP and its resources.

Benefits of PHP

  • Faster Browsing: Compared to Java scripts and other scripting languages PHP is said to be more capable and helps to execute more complex and complicated operations on the website. PHP like WordPress uses My SQL to store and process the data, generally all PHP data gets preprocessed before sending to the browsers increasing the upload time of the website and eliminating all the possibilities of heavy Internet browsing. PHP by any means does not rely on any external applications for executing codes hence the total website speed is automatically aggravated.
  • Dynamic Website: Using PHP you can create dynamic websites that reacts to users input, these inputs are stored into variables that pass and execute in to variable codes. This overall process helps to contribute to draw different data and compare them.
  • Easy Interface: PHP is more easy to learn that any other scripting language offering different wonderful ways to enhance any website from ecommerce to blogging and from social networking to forums. It is possible that future generations will completely rely on PHP and will forget HTML but for present, it has completely revolutionized the way to build new website.
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  1. Rohit Batra says:

    Nice Post Sarvesh.. gave a good introduction about PHP and its use in Hosting… BTW Crunchynow in your URL i see /index.php/post-name why is this so??..

  2. Shivam Garg says:

    Nice article there.I will give a shot to PHP surely.I am more of involved in J2EE and JSP rather than PHP and .net.

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