3 all time Mistakes to avoid while Choosing Web Hosting

I am an owner of several websites hosted on a few good web hosting companies that have met my needs for the last 3 years. What I am about to share with you will most definitely save you heaps of time and money when it comes to choosing a great web hosting company and you […]

4 Excellent Tips for Webmasters in Web Designing

Web designing is a very important part of web development. If done correctly and proficiently, it can help a webmaster to truly master the art of web development. This article is aimed at providing the webmasters with some basic yet important tips regarding the web design component. Web design is important as it allows for […]

AdsensePress theme giveaway officially sponsored at Crunchynow

This is an AdsensePress theme which contains optimization of adsense earning rate. It has been spefically designed for wordpress. If you want to improve your adsense earnings then you must try out this them. All the google elements and ads placement techniques are considered in this theme. This will also improve your CTR rate thus […]

3 Excellent Webmaster Tips for Content Delivery Network to Increase Uptime

As a webmaster, there are many elements, which have to concentrate while designing a website and one of them is creating a website, which will upload instantly. If your website is taking, more time to be uploaded visitors will lose interest in your website and there will be potential loss of your useful traffic and […]

PHP enabled Web Hosting & Benefits of PHP

If by any chance you are associated with the webhosting industry or else if you are a regular internet use then you should have read this word “PHP” for hundreds of times. You might have known what importance PHP has in the hosting, web designing and over all World Wide Web. Meaning of PHP and […]

6 Tips for excellent WordPress Site/blog Hosting

Blogging is the buzz of the day in recent times when everyone is trying to prove their online presence everyone is in a race to start their own blogs. Although there are different platforms of blogging some like to blog on their own site with own domains, whereas some like to take help from the […]

Cleanup and Optimization with WP Database Optimizer

This is a must plugin for all bloggers. Over time the database information of your WordPress blog gets cluttered with overhead while we published, save, delete a post, page, comment. All these information are stoed in a file which makes the size of the database very bulky and large. The other day i had written […]