Optimize database tables without phpMyAdmin in just one click with WP DB Optimizer Plugin

Optimizing the database is one of the biggest task one has to do with respecting to wordpress blogging. Optimization can be of different types as well like Optimizing Adsense Units for more productivity, Optimising Blog SEO, Optimizing wordpress Blog, but this optimization is little different from all the above specified one.

WP DB Optimizer lets you optimize your database tables without the need of using PHPMyAdmin details in one flick for high performance.

This automatically optimizes your database tables and is very easy to install and manage.

Optimize database tables without phpMyAdmin in just one click with WP DB Optimizer Plugin

These are some of its high quality features:

  • Easy Install and Manage.
  • Automatically optimizes your database tables.
  • Only 4 kb in size.

Best scene to show how its most Useful

Everytime you save a new post or pages, WordPress creates a revision of that post or page. If you edit a post 8 times you might have 7 copy of that post as revisions.

Imagine if your post or pages are long and big. It’s a huge number of bytes that is on your MySQL overhead. Now WP-Optimize allows you to optimize and shrink your posts table by removing not necessary post revisions from the database.

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  1. thanks for sharing this plug-in..i am using it has many great options…optimizer works perfect in it..

  2. sureshpeters says:

    yea its a good method 🙂

  3. enterdel says:

    I am using gdpress and it’s have same function with this plugin

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