Mobile friendly blog with WPtouch

The smartphones has increased these days and most internet users now are working through mobile and smartphones to browse for their topics. Although the market has recently gone up for the smartphones with the enhanced applications it provides to multiple users.

For blog owners, now its time to change the blog for mobile compatibility users also. If you are looking at the stats from where the visitors are coming, you will find that most users are reaching your blog from one or the other mobile devices. So it becomes very important for blogger to get updated with the trend and bring a compatibility for mobile users also.

Mobile friendly blog with WPtouch

WPtouch works more specifically for viewing WordPress  blog sites from iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and other top rated touch mobile phones. WpTouch WordPress Plugin makes your blog mobile compatible.

It creates a fast loading, easy to navigate version of your site. The admin control is very easy to use, yet detailed. It also provides a quick navigation around with more flexibility. It allows you to change backgrounds, icons, and which pages show on your mobile site. It will also allow you to choose whether to show categories, tags, or both, add a search feature, and upload custom icons.

It currently supports deices like webmate, webOS, s8000, iPod, incognito, iPhone, blackberry9550, dream, blackberry9530, lackberry9520, lackberry9500, blackberry 9800, bada, CUPCAKE, and Android.

So here are some list of things which are currently enabled to make this plugin as an excellent one.

  • Save bookmark to Delicious, Digg, Reddit and others
  • View and submit comments
  • Search box to hunt down word or phrase in the page you are viewing
  • Change font size (small – large)
  • Read snippet of content before full blog entry
  • Email blog entry
  • Next/previous entry navigation
  • Template styles to choose from (settings)
  • Categories & Tags for each post shown alongside title
  • Post blog entry to Twittie, Twitterific, or Twittelator Pro

This plugin is also enabled with lots of customization, you can also add Adsense Code with this plugin. Now you can also earn from mobile blog.

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  1. Ya, Wptouch is a great way to make your blog mobile friendly, I had installed it but Had to deinstall it again because I had the problem of duplicate pages with Google using this plugin, never the less a great plugin if your blog gets a lot of mobile visits

  2. Lalit says:

    I am using MobilPress, but I guess this one will be better.

  3. Rohit Batra says:

    WPtouch is a great tool to make websites mobile friendly..Will use it again for my new Blog..

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