Be the master of Blogging from Copywriting Scorecard E-Book for Bloggers

Before starting with the article. Ask yourself these question: Why do you blog? For most people, the answer is something like:

  • “I blog to build my personal brand.”
  • “I blog to sell affiliate products.”
  • “I blog to lend credibility to my product or service.”
  • “I blog to drive traffic to my AdSense ads.”
  • “I blog to build my traffic so I can sell ad space.”
  • “I blog to attract links so I rank higher on Google.”

If you have anyone of the above specified reasons, then here’s a great chance for you to get all these 100% effectiviely and be one of the greatest blogger of all times. Here’s a book called “The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers” which will enable to do all things possible and get your blog on top of search engine and make yourself as a Brand.

Be the master of Blogging from Copywriting Scorecard EBook for Bloggers

The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers, a 100 point checklist of 63 key things to check before you publish to help you improve the quality of your blog posts.

Contents – Important Topics(Summary)

The book has 63 tips which are classified into 4 parts. They are:

  • Writing – about writing compelling posts.
  • Grammar – avoiding simple mistakes to improve your blog
  • SEO (search engine optimization) – how to make Google happy.
  • Scannability – how to ensure your posts are easy to read

Be the master of Blogging from Copywriting Scorecard EBook for Bloggers

How is it useful for bloggers?

The copywriting scorecard for bloggers is a perfect for resource for bloggers, if you are a newbie especially. Why? the ebook, as mentioned, features 63 tips. Each of these tips are marked with a score. Some are scored +1, others are mentioned +3 and so on. At the end of the book, there is a scorecard (printable) where you can mark the score for your post.
Be the master of Blogging from Copywriting Scorecard EBook for Bloggers

Most Valuable Guides

In addition to the checklist, the beginning of the ebook gives you 10 questions to ask about your blog as a whole, as well as 11 questions to ask before writing each post. If you refer to these answers as you write each blog post, your writing will not only improve, but you should also see better reader engagement with your posts as well.

Now that you know what this book is all about, its time to buy this book. One thing guaranteed, the book is extremely useful. You can use this link to buy The copywriting scorecard for bloggers. Get a good discount. Have fun! Be the master of Blogging Industry.

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  1. Rajan Balana says:

    Thanku for the book bro 🙂 it will help me surely. Thank you

  2. i had a chance to read this, it is just awesome 🙂 must read for a blogger and a beginner

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