Manage Your Advertisers With the OIO Publisher WordPress Plugin

It’s no secret, a lot of us our running blogs with the intention of making money online. Blogging can serve as powerful tool to generate consistent revenue, as everything that you write is available forever… and can keep people buying products through your affiliate links over and over again.


If you are new to blogging, or perhaps just thinking about better monetizing your blog to get revenue coming in on a consistent basis, there are a few tricks of the trade that can really help you out.

OIO Publisher is ad management software that can either be used as a stand-alone product or as a WordPress plugin. It allows you to customize where you want your ads, what size you want them, and how much they cost. It also integrates with several payment options like PayPal and 2Checkout.


OIO Publisher is a great product that’s very easy to implement and use. Saying that, however, it doesn’t mean that by just installing the program, you will have sacks of cash dropping from the sky. There’s still plenty of leg work involved in bringing advertisers to your door.

Services like Buy Sell Ads have a pretty large advertising base behind them and they can drive potentially interested advertisers to your sites. While OIO Publisher does have marketplace section on their website, you will probably end up having to either go out and pitch your web site to advertisers, or wait until advertisers take an interest in your web site on their own.

The advertiser can also set up a subscription, so that they’ll get the advert automatically renewed at the current rate – this is something which is great, as very few “free” add ons out there that manage this.


If they’re not subscribed, then they  get a warning email that there advert is expiring – in fact emails are sent out quite a lot for this, making sure you don’t miss anything. If they choose not to subscribe then the advert is removed.

When you download OIO Publisher, you’ll receive a WordPress plugin and be able to get an API key for each blog you want to use it on. The plugin will create an OIO Publisher tab in your dashboard where you can manage your blogs advertisements (designate how many links, paid reviews, inline ads, banners, or custom advertising your blog will have available), create and manage an affiliate program for products or services on your blog from your dashboard, and even see statistics regarding your advertisements!

Possibly my favorite feature of this plugin is that you can even set the plugin to send weekly reports to your advertisers or place your statistical information into their marketplace.

This is an awesome plugin which every blog must choose to install it. Have you ever used this plugin? what are your views about it ? what would you suggest more. Do share your view about it. Subscribe us to our latest RSS Feeds.

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