Linkwithin Realted Post WordPress Plugin Review

Related post is an effective way to show older posts that are relevant to your articles and can significantly increase the number of article views in your blog.

LinkWithin offers a neat way to display past related posts to keep readers engaged on your blog.  It adds thumbnail images which link to your older posts.  While not perfect in finding “related posts”, it does provide a visually interesting presentation which may attract readers to click through to your past glory.  I also discovered it changes the related posts. Cool.

The related post widget is provided by LinkWithin has a lots of great features which includes the following:

Linkwithin Realted Post WordPress Plugin Review

Get you Related Thumbnails Post after each Post

LinkWithin is a blog widget that appears under each post, linking to related stories from your blog archive.

Make effective use of your Past Stories

We retrieve and index all stories from your blog archive, not just recent stories, making them accessible to new or casual readers of your blog who would not otherwise encounter them.

Increase Pageviews, Keep Readers Engaged

The widget links to stories that are relevant and interesting to readers of a particular post, keeping them engaged with your blog, and increasing your traffic.

The installation is very easy and quick, not to forget to mention that the widget is available as wordpress plugin and as blogger widget or you can just copy the html code and insert it manually in your blog template.

To start using the linkwithin related posts widget, just go to LinkWithin and fill the form with correct information of your blog. Click on get widget, then get the wordpress plugin and upload to your blog. Activate it and you can start using linkwtihin.

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  1. TechGopal says:

    really well explained review…
    i am also user of linkwithin…
    it works good…

  2. I really like the colors here on your blog. did you design this yourself or did you outsource it to a professional?

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