Kontera – The best ContentLink Contextual Advertising Program Review

Well, just to simplify, ContentLink is basically a system that links certain words in your articles to advertisements. If you notice the double link under some of the words on other websites, you are looking at an opportunity to read and possibly click on an advertisement.

The link is a bit sneaky because it doesn’t look much different than your standard link.

If you are a blogger or webmaster that wants to monetize your sites this Kontera review should be right up your alley. So here’s today we got a review about Kontera advertising.

The nice thing about their system is that you can incorporate Adsense and Kontera on the same page which is something unusual because Google usually frowns on sites that have multiple context based PPC programs on the same site.

Kontera - The best ContentLink Contextual Advertising Program Review

Looking at the following Advantages can help you out:

1.) Kontera Contentlink is a reputable company that has a track record for always paying on time

2.) They have great customer support if you ever have a problem or question

3.) Easy to implement using their custom widget

4.) Does not detract from other monetization strategies like Adsense

The payouts depend on the quality of traffic your site receives among other factors…

For Blogspot User, HOW to install Kontera Ads in your Blogspot Blog.

For WordPress User, HOW to install Kontera Ads in your WordPress Blog.

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  1. i am not success full with these type of ads . used both infolinks and kontera but still waiting for my success .

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