How to install intensedebate on Blogger Blog

Today we are going to bring out some excellent tips for Blogspot user. Since the start of blogspot, it has been providing many features. But many people fail to look out the complete features of it.

Today is a tutorial all about intensedebate for Blogger users. Probably this is the first complete tutorial to install intensedebate for Blogger users, there were tutorial about installing intensedebate on wordpress.

But this is the first time, a complete tutorial to eliminate your old style Blogger Comments. Get the new intensedebate Plugin for Blogspot as well from here.How to install intensedebate on Blogger BlogBelow are some steps, just follow those and your intensedebate will be right in front of you, Lets start the tutorials.

  • Login to your intensedebate account.
  • Click on EXTRAS menu, and then click on “install IntenseDebate on your blog/website“.
  • Now Specify your blog url in the box


  • It will take u to another page. On the left sidebar, there will be two question:

1. “How would you like to install IntenseDebate?

Select widget for the first question.

2. “Which blog posts should have IntenseDebate comments enabled?

Select on all blog post for the second question.

  • Open up your Blog in new tag, but don’t close the existing tab.
  • Login to your Blog, and come back to the intensedebate tab.
  • Then finally go the the end of the left sidebar and click on “Add widget to my blog“.
  • Save your Blogger template and intensedebate is installed.
  • You can check out the effect of this intallation n your blog at the comment box.
  • Now if you looking forward to install Commentluv with intense debate, you must read How to install Commentluv on Blogger Blog.

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  1. Verne says:

    Very helpful tips. Easy to follow. Thanks!

  2. I’m using IntenseDebate and CommentLuv on my Blogger blog. But comments left by readers are not indexed by search engines coz when you right click on the page with comments, and you go to “view page source”, the comments section is not in the page. That said, the comments left by readers via IntenseDebate on Blogger blogs are not going to be indexed hence, serve no value in link building purposes at all. Am I right?

  3. Tracyann0312 says:

    Helpful tips, thank you for sharing the tips on how to install intensedebate. Some of the site I commented use Intense debate for the comments, and it is really a powerful tool to use as is!

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