How to install Google Analytics in Blogspot Blog

Today we take you out to some interesting tricks in Blogspot Blog. It all start with monitoring the traffic and analysing it and keeping a record of information of your visitors. So today we go with all about Google Analytics. Many of them would be knowing it, well who don’t, take a quick review of Google Analytics.

Installing Google Analytics in Blogger blogs is quite simple and shouldn’t take you more than a minute. You don’t even require a plug-in/widget to achieve this. You just need the Google Analytics Code. If you already have the Google Analytics Code for your site then proceed with the following steps, or else read How to Get Google Analytics Code.

Adding Google Analytics in blogger is very simple, you can do it and achieve results very easily. Just follow the steps below to do so:

1. Log In, to your Blogger Account.

2. Select the Design tab, and within it click Edit Html.

3. When the HTML editing page opens, click on “Expand Widget Templates”. This will bring out the complete code in the below box.

4. Before proceeding from here, Back up your template by clicking on Download Full Template.

5. With the original template being saved, When it’s done saving, simply scroll to the end of the html code, find the </body> tag and place your Google Analytics code just before it (the </body> tag).

6. This is how the code will look like in the html code box.

How to install Google Analytics in Blogspot Blog

7. Save your template after that and you’re done.

How about this tutorial on Google Analytics, Let me know if it it works out well for you. Your comments will be appreciated. Subscribe to our latest News and Follow us on Twitter.

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