Inspirational Quotes wordpress Plugin Review

Add some inspiration to your blog! This super-simple WordPress plugin displays an inspirational quote in your blog’s sidebar.

Inspirational Quotes has lot of inspiring quotes that will surely change up your boring life. It also makes you feel better with the awesome quotes and also makes your visitors passionate and mote interactive to your article.

With over 100 hand selected quotes, here are some of this plugin’s features:

Inspirational Quotes wordpress Plugin Review

Additional Features:

  • Simplicity – No complex installation or settings; just add the widget to your sidebar and go – it’s that simple.
  • Quality Quotes – Comes packed with 100+ hand-selected quotes – more are added regularly!
  • 2 Display Options – Choose to update the quote daily or have it select a random quote for each page view.

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  1. Way to go in making motivation available to people online.

    If enough people do this online we will create a more positive world full of less hatred and wars.
    I also am trying to do my part to help the world become more positive in my own small way on my web site.

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