Infolinks – The best in text Advertising Program Review

The idea is with Infolinks is that if you have a website with a lot of steady readers, you may consider in-text advertising as your method of making money from your website.

All there is to incorporating Infolinks is a bit of Javascript code underneath your website and a bit of configuration as to how you want to style how Infolinks highlights text. It is pretty straight forward and best of all, the process is set and forget. Meaning, you just add the Javascript code and thats it.

Meanwhile, Infolink’s real time tracking system keeps track of what impressions and clicks your website generates in the background when you login to your Infolink account.

When it comes to in-text  advertising program, there is currently nothing that can beat infolinks. Infolinks basically uses certain keywords on your website for advertising. Info links is a great way for the new web  publishers to make money online.

Infolinks – The best in text Advertising Program Review

Here are some of the Features of Infolinks Ad

A Great Alternative For Adsense
Infolinks is smooth and simple setting info links in my blog. Info links provided the relevant summary for the daily earnings made.

Setting Up and Running  Infolinks in No time
Setting up info links was really easy. All we have to do is to copy the simple Java Script code they provide and paste it in any part of our website and infolinks starts to generate the in-text advertisements automatically. To start with infolinks there is no need to have a highly popular website. You can easily sign up for infolinks if you have a website with genuine content and decent amount of visitors. Infolinks targets the keywords in your page’s and displays the ads accordingly.

One of the best parts of in text advertising
programs is that, they can be used along with other advertising programs like Google Adsense, Chitika etc. It’s obvious that new website publishers who want to make money online, look for the best advertising program to work with. And undoubtedly infolinks is a great Contextual ads program to work with. Here is a small review from my experience while info links on my blog.

Detailed And Updated Status
You can login to your account to see the earnings along with the summary which are updated daily. You have the options to see the earning for the current month, current week, day and for the current year. They clearly shows you the CTR Ratio, eCPM, page impressions and amount earned in a sleek table.

Neat And Tidy Payments
The problems faced by many advertisers is that they dont pay their clients in time, by its just not the case Regarding the payments, infolinks pays you in the right time once you’ve reached 100$.

The Quick & Solid Support
The review wont be completed without mentioning about their support. Most of the ad companies are just lazy (though there are exceptions), they wont reply back in time and as a result the users lose their interest.

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