How to hide or Remove navbar from Blogger Blog

Blogger provides the facility to search your blog by entering keywords or a search phrase into the Search Blog box. This is a useful feature and if you remove the Blogger navbar you will lose the search facility from your blog.

The more professional you want your site to look the more you are likely to want to remove the navbar from showing above the header of your Blogger Blogspot blog. Removing or actually hiding the navbar is very easy to do as it only requires a small tweak to your template.

Whatever maybe the reason, lets go on with hiding or removing the navbar from Blogger Blog:

How to hide or Remove navbar from Blogger Blog

1. Login to Blogger and navigate to Design –> Edit HTML

2. Find the Template Credit Section

3. Insert the following code directly below the template credit section. Select the code and right click to copy to the clipboard of your computer. Right click to paste into your template:

#navbar {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

4. Click on the Save Template button.

Its done. Now our Blog is free of the navbar. Enjoy Blogging from today.

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