HeadSpace2 WordPress Plugin Review

HeadSpace2 SEO plugin will make creating meta data very simple and less tedious. There are a lot of shortcuts which you can use in the plugin which will help creating meta data without any complications.

Meta data can be formed and configured for posts, pages of website, categories, home page and dynamic pages of your website. Tags and keywords can be formed with the suggested keywords. Create descriptions and page titles. The website descriptions and name can be configured as well.

If you decide to use redirection, install it, activate it, and under Manage > Redirection > Options, ensure that both URL Monitoring select boxes are set to “Modified posts”.

You will now have perfectly optimized permalinks without having to do anything else, or worry about duplicate content issues or 404 errors that could lead to search engine penalties.

HeadSpace2 WordPress Plugin Review

HeadSpace is much more than just a SEO plugin. It also features a number of smaller modules that can add various code into pages, modify some of the WordPress options and eliminate need for additional plugins.

The total number of features is quite impressive. Without going into too many details,we bring out some of the awesome features of this plugin:

  • Control in many details title, keywords and description for each page, for different classes of pages (archives, search…) using special tags.
  • Integration on categories, posts and other WordPress editor pages allowing easier modification of each content element.
  • Page related modules allowing you to change some of the WordPress features like RSS feeds, plugins, CSS and many more. With these modules you control page title format, description length and keywords/tags.
  • Website related modules that will be added to all blog pages. This include Google Analytics, Feedburner Stats, many more hit and access counters.
  • Import SEO data from other related plugins.

For anyone who is not aware, duplicate content is frowned upon by Google. It won’t get you blacklisted, but it won’t get you listed either. Whenever Google finds duplicate content on a site, that content is placed into a supplemental index.

The only time you’ll ever see results in Google for duplicate content is if you clicked on the link at the bottom of the page titled ‘include omitted results’.

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