Google Analytics Quick Review

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to help track your website traffic. It has become the industry standard analytics software and it’s used by companies of all sizes.

Every site has associated brands, some brands are biggger than others. For these, isolating brand search is essential if you’re serious about using search to create incremental business i.e. create awareness and sales from new customers.

For the search agency, well maybe they’re being less than transparent with their clients since it’s even easy for the incompetent to attract branded site visitors to a site. Of course this won’t apply to most readers of this esteemed blog!

Google Analytics Quick Review

Google Analytics is a complete analytics tool.  It does everything you’d expect. It’s very solid (very few bugs), and it’s the most popular analytics tool out there so it’s easy to find useful tips and advice online. Basically, Google Analytics is a very safe and smarter choice of smarter people.

With Google Analytics, it’s easy to pick out trends, view which pages are generating your traffic, and see all the different ways people are reaching your site.  There are also some pretty cool extra features such as “Site Overlay” which shows you where on your pages people are clicking.

The most important thing you need to know about Google Analytics is that it’s free.  This means that if you’re not currently using any analytics software, you should sign up for Google Analytics immediately.

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