How to Get Google Analytics Code

Adding Google Analytics in website is very simple, you can do it and achieve results very easily without even changing the preferred HTML.

Google Analytics is a free tool available from Google to help you analyze the traffic coming to your website. It is very simple to install on your website, and, if you look at the results regularly, it will help you plan your website maintenance.

Go to Google Analytics official Website.

If you don’t have a Google Account with Analytics then Click “Sign up” for Google Analytics, else you can move on with by Clicking on “Access Analytics”.

After completing the above steps, make sure to Login into Google Analytics by clicking on “Access Analytics”, and then Sign up with Google Analytics with Google Account. Follow these steps:

1. Then it will ask for the following details:

  • Website’s URL
  • Account Name
  • Time zone country or territory
  • Time zone

2. Click Continue.

3. Then put up your First Name, Last Name, Country details and click Continue.

4. Agree the terms and conditions and Click Finish. This is how your Google Analytics page will look like.

How to Get Google Analytics Code

5. Your Google Analytics Code will be in front of you.

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