General Files – Simple and Advanced File Search Engine For Everyone

Internet has been a place to surf as well share lot of things. While this is just a virtual world which contains too many Free File Hosting as well Free File Search Engines. Although most of them are just for fun and entertainment and are not even updated on a regular basis and some are there which doesn’t even mind in removing older link which are currently outdated.

While others put an annoying paid sponsored list along with the search results that are really irritated on most of the user part. While we recently came across a special website called General-Files, a simple and Advanced File Search Engine and was literally amazed to check out their performance both in terms of effective as well as efficient. This sites says that you could download any kind of file available over here that meet the compliance with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

General Files - Simple and Advanced File Search Engine For Everyone

Basically Programmers like us almost even different search engines, since Google many times has no answer for our queries. The main reason why we moved on to using this particular search engine instead of Google is It index over 230 Million files It provides accurate results with fair enough fast search

Generally, many people search for some stuffs related to files and the results  will be shown up in this website. While for better and accurate results you can  also employ free file directory, internet search engine, called general- catalog which will allow to customize and refine the search engine the way you  want to obtain results for free downloads. Many people have already been using and visiting the site for lot of purpose like Downloading Movie, which could be illegal in some case, but music is always free of cost to everyone. It poses some of the most filesharing website like service such as free rapidshare downloader, megaupload, uploading, letitbit, hotfile, depositfiles, sendspace and so on.

The main difference between general-files to that of general-catalog is that general-files allows you to refine your search with the help of search box while general-catalog does the same process in a tricky way like if you are searching for something related to TV shows then you could also go to the TV shows directory of general-category and get appropriate results from it.

In addition to these all services, you can also check out lot of huge lists from the Most Downloaded, Most Commented as we as also the ranked Sections. Once you get your file which has to be download, you can download them from the host where it has been uploaded. Also you can start downloading a particular file and queue them into a list of downloading section where it will be downloaded automatically when one files gets completing its downloading process.

Now, in order to use this free file search engine, you will have to be familiar with what you want to download. It represents clean, ad-free and fast search along with lists and alerts which makes it stand alone from rest of the applications and file search engines.

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  1. Y8 says:

    I’ve just visited the site and seems that loading time is pretty fast and it’s much refined in terms of searching anything I bet this will have a future in the next year ahead.

  2. Its pretty fast! I like this search tool!

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