Fast Optimization of Blog SEO with SEO Slugs WordPress Plugin

Using your entire post title as the slug for an article can make web addresses to long and throw useless keywords into the mix .  The SEO Slugs plugin strips out all of the common, unnecessary words from the permalink to save you time.

SEO slugs is a very useful plugin that will remove the stop words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘in’ within the URLs of your Blog posts and pages.

The slug is generated on saving a post (so you get a chance to look at it before publishing, and change it), or on publish. It won’t overwrite an existing slug. You can force a new slug generation by deleting the existing one.

Fast Optimization of Blog SEO with SEO Slugs WordPress Plugin

Below are some of the excellent features of this tool:

  • Help you create shorter, keyword-rich slugs using your article title.
  • Will not automatically change your title, so you have ultimate control (as it should be).

The best part about this plugin is that it also allows you to change the URL of the post in-case you don’t like the URL that this plugin has assigned to your post.

But, you need to check it before publishing a post, just save the post and check its URL and if you like it just publish it or change it according to your requirement.

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