Effective Use of Commenting Feature in Blogs For Authors

Commenting is the good feature provided in the WordPress as well as Blogger platform. It has the power to increase the popularity of the article via effective commenting and arguments with the author of the article. Here, the commenter gets the benefit as well as the author.

The real good and constructed comments are the main award for the author of the article. If he writes great article, but he don’t get any comments on his articles, then it is simply waste of time for him. He feels disappointed as time goes. Many new bloggers pass through the similar situation, while
building their new blogs. I also passed through the same situation and disappointed too, but I haven’t de-motivated. I read somewhere that, initial days of blogging won’t get any more comments (spam comments will come!) So, if you are the new bloggers, then do not worry. You will get comments in few

Effective Use of Commenting Feature in Blogs For Authors
If you write a very good article and you won’t make a call to action in the end of the article (such as Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Subscribe to RSS or Comments are welcome etc.) then you will not get any action from the reader or first time visitor. You should ask the readers to comments directly or indirectly. Indirectly means, you can ask a question about the article topic in the end of the article. If a visitor reads your articles in full concentration, then he will leave a comment.

Another plus point of the comments is “free content”. If you write around 300 words article and you get 10 comments with 25 words each, then your total words will be 550. Search engines care the comments also. This is why bigger tech news websites are getting high rank in search engines, even if they write
150 words articles.

Do not approve all comments on your blogs. Check the authenticity of the comments before publishing. Because, all spammers use the same words repeatedly on all blogs (just to increase their backlinks). If the comments are like this- “very informative post”, “thanks for sharing” type of comments. Those are only for backlinking purpose, and you will have zero benefit from those comments. However, you are losing your link juice for low range websites and spam blogs. If you find the long comments then do not forget to check that comments in Google for authenticity. Now a day, many spammers copy paste some part of the articles from other websites.

I hope these tips are helpful for you and I managed to write about the effective usage of comments in your blogs. If I left anything regarding the commenting feature, then please comment on this post below. Do not forget to comment the constructed comment.

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  1. Yes, bloggers should comment on the other blogs responsibly. If their intention is only for backlinks then theay are having more chance of marked as spammers. Nice post.

  2. Oh, I was under impression that only the post words are counted by serach engines. Its good to know that comments are also counted by SEs.

    Thank you Ullal. Hope to see more tips from here.

  3. Ron says:

    When their own purpose is merely regarding inbound links they are having a lot more potential for designated since spammers.Excellent and very helpful submit!

  4. Hi just wanted to tell you that I liked your page, and wondered if you write all of the site’s content by yourself or do you hire other writers for them?

  5. crunchynow says:

    All Content in Crunchynow are professionally written by Chintan Jain – http://www.facebook.com/meetchintanjain

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