How To become Distinct Emerging and Expert Blogger blog

Apparently, it may seem that blogging is an easy way of entering into the online business world, but doing so is tough in every sense of the word. I apologize for starting a blog post like that, but that is the bitter fact.

Blogging is not only about creating a blog but it is also to ensure that your blog stands out prominently in a crowded blogging niche. There are innumerable blogs on the internet and you must ensure that your blog is different from the rest and people visit it regularly. There are a few ways by which one can rock a crowded blogging niche; a few steps can make your blog soar high above others.

How To become Distinct Emerging and Expert Blogger blog

One easy way of keeping your blog lively, popular and distinct is making it interactive. Ask questions to them who visit your blog; ask for their opinion regarding anything like the company’s products and services, and so on.

You can also conduct polls and surveys to analyze customer satisfaction. This will generate more traffic in your site as more people will participate in such interaction and discussions.

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A blog’s popularity is largely dependent on how well the blog is designed and how the content is presented to the viewers. The blogger must present his content in an innovative and unique manner. For instance, instead of written posts, you can opt for power point, videos and unique ways of writing content.

Instead of always putting text based articles, make it a little more attractive: record an audio or video, put graphic text and so on. Moreover, the theme of the blog is very important. It must be attractive and should be in tune with the content of your blog.

Another amazing and effective way of creating back links and readers is by Guest Posting. You need to create a list of popular blogs in your niche. You can then guest post on these blogs. This will enhance your position in the niche market and more number of readers and viewers would be able to see your articles and posts.

Merge your blog with other social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Orkut and others. Be everywhere on every social networking site and make your blog visible in your niche community like Facebook groups, forums and pages. This will enable more people to know your blog.

An important way of making your blog popular is respecting the viewers and catering to their needs and demands. You have to ensure that every query and comment of the viewers is answered. Share your blog’s content with your followers, other blogs, social networking sites, and other entertainment media for the purpose of promotion.

Thus, blogging might look simple and straightforward, but to survive in a market of competition, you have to work very hard, to make your blog look distinct, unique and separate from the others. This is a continuous process, as your blog must be updated regularly to survive in the niche market.

You must be careful about all the useful tips mentioned above and should also engineer your own innovative methods, which you think can take his blog to new heights.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome post becoming a expert blogger needs some time and hard word.

  2. Mika Castro says:

    This is truly an informative article and it really helped me a lot as a beginner. I like reading stuff like this and perhaps i am hoping to be a professional. Thanks to you.

  3. Sagar says:

    Blogging is not so easy as it sounds. It needs really great hard work and passion for writing. There are many blogs on web so being distinct with our blog should be our primary concern when marketing . The above blog explains few tips by which we can make our blog different from others.

    I mainly use social media and other few SEO methods to my blog. It really helps the blog in optimization form. The most important thing i concentrate is on using only best content for my blog. Well nice post and i have also got few tips which i would surely try on my blog.

    Thank you for sharing..

  4. Hi,
    These tips are great and i hope these tips help me to become an expert blogger.
    Thanks for sharing.

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