Display Gallery Photo Slideshow with NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin

In our opinion, the best WordPress plugin for displaying a gallery of photos that we’ve come across so far would have to be the NextGEN Gallery. It features a thumbnail display, integration with a snazzy Flash slideshow, JavaScript effects, a really nice administration interface, and more.

The famous NextGen Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option.

Features include custom templates, AJAX thumbnail generator, sortable Albums, Zip file uploads, Watermark function, Lightbox Effects, Sidebar Widget, Flash Goodies and much more.

Display Gallery Photo Slideshow with NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin

Here are some of the features of this Plugin:

  1. Create Multiple Photo Galleries.
  2. Sidebar Widget to Easily Show a Gallery, Random or Recent Pictures in Your Sidebar.
  3. Fully Integrated Flash Slideshow.
  4. Tag Support for Your Images.
  5. Simple and Easy Administration Back End to Handle Multiple Photos, Galleries and Albums.

NextGEN does perfectly what so many other photo gallery plugins try to do but always fall short. It delivers a very robust system for the management, categorization and display of your photos. Whether you have 5 photos from your last family picnic or you need to manage the portfolios of a dozen photographers, NextGEN has you covered.

The uploader built into NextGEN is one of its strongest features. It allows you to upload individual photos, groups of photos, a zipped archive of photos (great for those of you with limited bandwidth), or import a folder of images from somewhere on your server.

Basically wherever your photos are, you will be able to easily import them into NextGEN. NextGEN makes it easy to add cool widgets to your site using any 1 of the 3 included widgets. All are also highly customizable.

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  1. Well, this plugin will suit all the photo bloggers out there for sure. Thanks for sharing the information

  2. Kissie says:

    Oh this is pretty awesome, I’ll give it a try. I’ve been wanting to share some of my artwork through my blog but hadn’t concentrated on it long enough … this is a great incentive.


  3. Fareed Khan says:

    Nice post, nextgen is excellent plugin for photo blogs and also make the blog very beautiful

  4. I have recently started using this plugin and I must say, this is one of the best and top downloaded plugins for photo management and use on your blog…

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