How to Delete Numbers on Blog Archives from blogger Blog

Deleting Numbers on Blog Archives can be very useful sometimes. In some cases when you don’t want your visitors to know about the number of article been posted for a particular month or year. You can take a look on the following article and have a great advantage with this article.

Blogspot has already been providing many great features and this feature could add lightnings to your blog.

Lets start with our today tutorial of Delete Numbers on Blog Archives in blogger Blog, read the following carefully and enjoy Blogging.

How to Delete Numbers on Blog Archives from blogger Blog

  • Login to Blogger Account.
  • Navigate to Design –>EDIT HTML.
  • Before Backup your Blog Template by clicking Download Full Template.
  • Click on Expand Widget Template.
  • Press CTRL + F and find the below code.


  • The above code will be appearing three times in your Blog. Delete the above lines, where ever it appears on your code.
  • Click on save and save the Template.

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  1. web design says:

    you just saved me a bunch of time in having to figure this out on my own. Thank you!!

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