Delete Duplicate Posts WordPress Plugin Review

Let’s say, you have a website that gathers news from RSS feeds with some sort of parser. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you might get multiple versions of the same post. Delete Duplicate Posts will come to the rescue for you.

This plugin offers the ability to manually list all dupes and then delete them. Or you can activate a daily WordPress cron to make it happen automatically. Advanced users even have the ability to setup their own controls, for more control.

A common problem often encountered is the creation of duplicate posts in WordPress. This usually happens as soon as you start using automation plugins and/or feeds content to your blog via RSS.

Delete Duplicate Posts WordPress Plugin Review
This common problem is encountered often, and there is a plugin available to fix this Delete Duplicate Posts.

Again, it is short, easily understood, and then with my own personal “style” of writing.

Now, some times, you are gonna see some duplicate posts. It happens, that’s the reason we wrote about this plugin.

The plugin is intelligent enough to know if the administrator clicks the Big Blue Button manually or is being run via CRON. Why is this necessary you say? Well, if there was no limit on how many posts it would delete, it could turn in to a really long loading time. It can really take some server power in a short burst.

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  1. Well, this plugin will be really helpful for those bloggers who are using the autoblog plugins. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the share man, i guess you love plug-ins more 🙂

    Good work

  3. Jasmine says:

    This is a good plugin. Will be handy to remove duplicate posts. Good one. 🙂

  4. This one is good for bloggers having auto posters bots or something.
    Right ?

  5. Nevie says:

    This tool really helped me to make blog, but do you know how we can set cron for automatic delete..?

  6. Jamie says:

    This plugin does not take into account the date the post was published. My RSS feeds give a lot of the posts the same name, so the plugin thinks they are duplicate posts.

    However, if I look at the date they were published, it is different.

    Is there a patch to this plugin that will allow it to look at BOTH the Title AND Date of the post to determine whether or not it is a duplicate post? Thank you

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