Customization made easy with Thesis OpenHook

Thesis theme is the best i have ever seen, best in terms of customization, support, etc. There are already many options available in thesis admin panel so that we can easily customize it. But if you still wanna customize thesis to the core, we bring you a great plugin to do that.

Thesis works on hooks and for customizing Thesis, you need to work with the following two files

  • Custom.css
  • Custom_functions.php

Customization made wasy with Thesis OpenHook

Thesis OpenHook takes the process of modifying Thesis and simplifies it. It also enables you to make use of Thesis hooks without needing to know how to write PHP.

If you have no knowledge of PHP and CSS, still you can customize Thesis theme quite easily. Thesis open hook plugin offer you all the functionality you need to make any changes in Thesis theme .

One can easily make changes to the custom.css and custom_functions.php from your WordPress Admin panel. Also you can select a particular area in the thesis theme and edit it with the openhook plugin. If it is a php code you are adding into the openhook editor, then you have check the “execute php code” before saving it.

This will enable many bloggers to save time in editing their customization for their blog.

Cool features. Isn’t it? We are sure you liked it.  Try out now. Do share your experience here. Do share your comments. Subscribe us to our latest Email Subscription.

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  1. Rick Beckman says:

    Glad you enjoy the plugin. 🙂 Have you tried the 3.0 alpha of it available at my site….

  2. Rohit Batra says:

    thanks a lot for sharing this Plugin.. I was in urgent need of help on how to customize Thesis theme..

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