Convert Videos into any format with Movavi Video Converter

Are you looking for a smart video converter that converts videos into almost all formats? If you are still finding the best tool for converting your videos into your required format, then your search has finally ended over here. There are many times when we might want to convert a particular video into Mobile format or any such format so that we can watch it at our convenience.

Although there are some restrictions on the software compatibility on all kinds of devices and their hardware. For Example: you can’t play MKV format in Nokia Handset or even can’t play it into any other mobile device as well. You will then have to convert it into appropriate formats like AVI or 3GP to watch it into your device. For all these conversions, you need a smart Video Converter.

Convert Videos into any format with Movavi Video Converter

Now, here is what we have found out for you, a Video Converter, which converts all your video files into any appropriate format. With this you also get access to encode any videos to any desired formats. It supports wide variety of video formats like AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP, 3GPP, MKV, VOB, IFO, MTS, VRO, FLV MOD, DAT, M2T, MP3, MOV, QT and more.

At first, we assumed Movavi Video Converter to be like a normal one, but after converting a video to High Definition which is not available in normal video Converter while at the same time you can also perform Video Editing from the Movavi Video Converter interface. This is what this Video Converter the best of all.

Convert Videos into any format with Movavi Video Converter

Features of Movavi Video Converter

  • Convert to High Quality Videos
  • Video Editing while converting
  • Supports multi core processors
  • Supports multi GPU technology
  • Conversion process at 8X with normal speed
  • No need to wait more for Conversion

While one of the interesting thing which you might not know about this video converter is that this App can be used even on iPhone as well and it works similar to that of Desktop computers. It also even work on iPad, BlackBerry, Android Phones, Nokia, Google Nexus One, HTC Droid Eris, PSP, HTC, Samsung, iriver, Palm, PDAs/Pocket PCs, Explay, iPod, iPhone, cell phones, Smartphones, and others as well.

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  1. shenoyjoseph says:

    i have nvidia gtx 520 graphic card and i m enabled Nvidia GPU Acceleration to covert my videos in to so much faster. 🙂

  2. Yen - Yen says:

    i think this i s cool application i should try this.but anyway thanks for sharing this to us.

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