CommentLuv – The best DoFollow WordPress Plugin Review

If you’re serious about building backlinks, developing traffic, giving your readers something back for commenting, or really just having a successful blog…. you must use this plugin for sure….

Commentluv is simply awesome and making it more flexible for dofollow plugin.

Below is a list of some excellent reasons why people offer to choose commentluv.

CommentLuv - The best DoFollow WordPress Plugin Review

Here’s some of the reasons why people are looking forward to use commentluv:

  • On the homepage, there is a list of the most popular CommentLuv enabled blogs ranked by the most comments received, the top CommentLuv members based on comments made, and the latest sites that have installed the CommentLuv plugin.
  • This network has a search feature for CommentLuv enabled blogs – simply enter your keyword to find the latest posts on a particular topic on blogs with CommentLuv enabled.
  • It also allows a twitter where the user can put up their twitter link for great share.
  • CommentLuv plugin is the only plugin for blogging platforms that allows blog commenters to get a link back to not only their main website, but also to their latest blog post or articles.

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  1. ncye post dude….
    Comment Luv is awesome!!
    realli makes wonders !

    thanks for your post!

  2. Akshay says:

    nice plugin 🙂 and info

  3. Slava says:

    Actually the CommentLuv plugin is the best thing that has ever happened to blogging since WordPress and Anti-Captcha. You’re finally “paying” in links your visitors to write good content for you and what’s even more important – your visitors actually want to leave comments on your blog (even if it’s as miniscule as mine – with 2 visitors a day – I still see people commenting 🙂 that never happened before CommentLuv was installed).

  4. Nikita says:

    This is actually my maiden voyage with commentluv. It definitely introduces you to various blogs and topics you may have never heard of otherwise. I just hope I can resist the dark side and not post this comment on every single blog I can find.

  5. I haven’t used this plugin for a long time and because of that I lost some of my loyal visitors. Finally I started using this plugin two weeks before and I have got more number of comments plus return visitors. Glad it worked for me.

  6. silpada says:

    The best presentation about the comment Luv. A blog become do follow because of this plugin but the attacks of the spammers increase on the blog. This is greatest danger which can also be controlled by the plugins

  7. ipod lovers says:

    nice plugin and great … i know more about it, many thanks

  8. O certainly agree that Commentluv is simply awesome and making it more flexible for dofollow plugin. Thanks so much for sharing this one here; be back for more readings.

  9. Its a really very informative blog, great work dear. I will recommend your website to my friends.

  10. Martin Grado says:

    There are some good videos on Youtube about this. With their searchbox they are easy enough to find.

  11. I can honestly say I’d never heard of commentluv before now. This seems like an excellent tool to use, and something I’ve been looking for without knowing it.

  12. Gary Corbett says:

    It is a great tool that can revitalise sharing comments on blogs – it gives a more productive reason to do it, which will also help attract new users and engage with readers.

  13. I usually lump organized religion, organized labor, and organized crime together. The Mafia gets points for having the best restaurants.

  14. Ostly says:

    A blog become do follow because of this plugin but the attacks of the spammers increase on the blog. This is greatest danger which can also be controlled by the plugins like comment luv.

  15. tim says:

    agree commentluv is a great plugin

  16. Sona says:

    I was searching for do-follow and no follow attributes on google and came across your post…It seems to be a good plugin, I will try for my blog and will return to give some valuable feedback.

  17. chandelier says:

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  18. Leticia says:

    CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin that helps to increase traffic to your site and also to encourage readers to leave comments. It does this by rewarding readers with a link back to their blog when they leave a comment on your site. By the way thanks for the detailed review – you’ve given me another perspective, and now I am less tempted to turn off comments, but rather to find a way to stop the spammers without annoying real visitors. Any advice?

  19. Joel says:

    I love the commentluv plugin and it shows us tons of useful abilities. This plugin has great benefits in developing a beautiful blog and its optimization. In my opinion, it should be a must-have tool for bloggers these days because of its benefits 🙂

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