How to allow Commenting in Blogger Blog Static Page

Previously i have written article about How to create a Blogger Account for Blog. But today we are going to Allow commenting in Blogger Blog. To proceed ahead first a must Tutorial to read How to Create a Static Page for Blogger Blog.

To proceed ahead let move on with our today’s article and get Started. but first let us know what is static page all about

Static pages are not your regular posts, so they are not visible in your blogs feed. And these are absent from your blog followers reading lists too. Your blog visitors can access any of these pages only if they know the page-url. So you have to link these pages from your blogs layout/any published post, so that your blog readers can read them.

How to allow Commenting in Blogger Blog Static Page

Now moving on with the article. Just follow these simple steps and you are done. Comments plays an important role with the blogging Field.

In static pages, under “post options“, by default comments option is set to “don’t allow, hide existing“, so you will not see any comment-form below the pages. If you want to allow commenting in your static-pages too, then change that option to “Allow” before publishing the page for the first time.

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