Thank your Commentator with Thank Me Later Plugin

Today we are going to post something usual, that you might have seen in our blog, but would not have noticed much, so here os today article about the Thanks Me Later Plugin. This is a must plugin for all blogger as it provides some good relations with other people.

If you are regular commentator at our blog then you would have checked a personalised mail from us with subject “Thank You for Your Comments at Crunchynow” in your mailbox, we took an opportunity of thanking every commentator for his comments on our blog.

Thank Me Later is plugin specially designed for wordpress blogs and lets you send an automatic messages to the commentators. Thanking the commentator not only makes the commentator feel better and also behaves as a free ad campaign for your blog as you can send some quick updates of your recent posts which may help you in getting a return visit by the commentator.

Thank your Commentator with Thank Me Later Plugin
Thank You messages are fully customizable and provide use of “tags” which represent variables. So, for example, you can refer to readers by their names, and reference other variables including comment page, the comment ID, etc. Support for PHP is also included to make the system even more extensible to those with experience.

Enjoy Blogging and its resources. Help your commentator with the Thanks Me Later Plugin. Do share your comments and please share this article. Subscribe us to our latest Email Subscription.

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  1. sureshpeters says:

    thanks am not aware of it..

  2. Chethan says:

    The downside is it lands on the users Spam Box over the Time!

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