Clean Bunch of wordpress useless Data with Clean Options

Cleaning the database often will provide more accurate and realistic data with more flexibility in terms of speed and duplication. A cleaner database runs more efficiently, which means that your blog can deliver its content faster. If the database is clean then it will take less time for the server also to load.

Clean Options works by digging through your wp_options table and finding orphaned options — that is, options that are not used by the WordPress CMS itself. Over time useless entries, can number in the hundreds & can have the effect of bogging down your database as it sifts through hundreds of irrellevant entries in search of an entry for a plugin that you are using.

Clean Bunch of wordpress useless Data with Clean Options

It is very easy to use and help eliminate a lot of junk orphane entries in WP_Options table. It can save you a few KBs or MBs depending on how much waste date is on your blog.

If you have had a blog for 6 months or more, you install various plugins to try them out and see if they are a suitable addition to your blog. You again deactivate them depending upon your need. So this Plugin could be really useful in those case.

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