Chitika Advertising Program Review

In the quest to find new ways to make money with your website or blog, there is an unlimited array of advertising programs and affiliate marketing programs to consider. One program that has been gaining some ground as
of late is Chitika. What exactly is Chitika and can it help you earn more money online?

The first thing you’ll need to do is freely join Chitika. Once accepted, you’ll have access to unique code that can be placed onto your website to display advertisements that generate you money every time a visitor clicks on a link.

Chitika provides a medium for advertisers to market their products and expand their reach to a target market. The webmaster simply copies a simple script into the html of their webpage and Chitika advertisers will display their ads on the page.

Chitika Advertising Program Review

After much research, Our choice for an AdSense alternative was Chitika. We thought that their ads looked professional and we liked the choices available to us. But, most importantly, we liked their new and future strategy.

Chitika provides ads to visitors based on their exact search term. This is extremely important and something that Google does not do. While Google provides ads based on the content of the page, Chitika provides ads initiated by the search terms used.

The real question that publishers, and advertisers, need ask is this: Which service, Chitika or AdSense, provides the most return on my investment?

We can only speak as a publisher of these two services. In a three-month period of testing, Chitika and AdSense have achieved nearly similar returns, both with click-thru rates and earnings. Thus, Chitika is certainly proving to be a viable alternative to AdSense.

If you are already using AdSense you can use Chitika side by side adding another alternative income source to the ad serving potential of your site. Chitika will show only relevant ads, of what the user was searching on the web. Chitika has an affiliate program as well where you earn 10% of your referrals income for the next 15 months. Wow, isn’t it great.

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