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6 Reasons Why you need to Guest Blog on others Website Blog

There are many reasons for guest blogging. The kind of guest post is determined by the reason for guest blogging. Highlighted below are some of the major reasons for using guest blogging. 1. For gaining quality traffic This is the major reason why many people guest post. This is the best way of getting traffic […]

5 Easy Recommended Tips for Creating Quality Content

Creating high quality content is a primary concern for webmasters these days. Your website’s content, articles, photos, videos and/or podcasts, ultimately determine the rank of your website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. It is a well-known fact that quality content is king and that this plays an important role in determining […]

Web Hosting Contest Giveaway Winner Result Announced

Crucnhynow conducted a contest on its blog in the last month of about Web Hosting Contest Giveaway from bullten Web Hosting Solutions It was held with a reason For young bloggers, it has always been a problem to pay for hosting charges, so we get you one of the most flexible chance to win it […]

Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform for the New Blogger

Before starting a blog, new bloggers could waste a long time researching a viable blogging platform among the countless free hosting services. These newbie bloggers could save themselves the time and hassle by sticking with the most reliable and rewarding of blogging platforms, WordPress. To the uninitiated, WordPress represents the endless potential possible with a […]

SEO and Twitter for Beginners: 3 Easy Ways to Boost Search Rankings

While you are probably more than aware of the benefits of incorporating SEO techniques in your blogposts—they help improve search engines rankings and thus contribute to higher Web traffic and hopefully sales—using SEO techniques in your social media site(s) can be just as equally as effective. In fact, using social media sites as an additional […]

Web Hosting Contest Giveaway from bullten Web Hosting Solutions

Crunchynow has been honored with various giveaways and today we bring you one of the best web hosting giveaway of getting and winning a perfect advance plan for complete one year where you can host your domain and data for your website. For young bloggers, it has always been a problem to pay for hosting […]

How To become Distinct Emerging and Expert Blogger blog

Apparently, it may seem that blogging is an easy way of entering into the online business world, but doing so is tough in every sense of the word. I apologize for starting a blog post like that, but that is the bitter fact. Blogging is not only about creating a blog but it is also […]