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How to hide or Remove navbar from Blogger Blog

Blogger provides the facility to search your blog by entering keywords or a search phrase into the Search Blog box. This is a useful feature and if you remove the Blogger navbar you will lose the search facility from your blog. The more professional you want your site to look the more you are likely […]

How to add Meta Tags To blogger Blog for getting better Search results

Meta tags are HTML tags that provide additional information about your blog that is unseen by visitors but available to search engines. The meta description tag, for example, provides a short summary of the page content. The keyword meta tags show the keywords and keyword phrases a visitor might use to find your blog. Google […]

How to Add Autohiding Social Bookmarking Widget To Your Blogger Blog

Blogging is a successful field and the success of your Blogging depends on the social networking Tools and Widgets. Social networking buttons widget is a must for blogs and moreover you must be very creative while adding these buttons. To make your work easier, here’s an attractive bookmarking widget, that by default partially hides the […]

4 best Tools to Design your Contact Us page for Blogger Blog for FREE

Blogging is all about connecting with you readers and publishing and creating the content that your readers loves .Therefore contact me or contact us page for your blog is extremely important if you want to move your blog to next level. Whether it is commercial blog or personnel blog, today’s most of the blog include […]

How to add Contact Us page in Blogger Blog

One of the important pages which must be present on every blog is a “Contact Us” page. It is through this page, that your visitors give you their suggestions, feedback and advise. While you can create a simple “Contact” page, with your name and email ID, but to give it a more professional look, you […]

How to Create a Static Page for Blogger Blog

Recently Blogger has announced that now, we can add some static pages to our blogs like About-Us | Contact-Us | Privacy-Policy | Advertise  etc. – one of the most awaited features  on Blogger blogs to stand against WordPress. Adding these pages is really simple. Once you log in to your Blogger account (log in at […]

How to allow Commenting in Blogger Blog Static Page

Previously i have written article about How to create a Blogger Account for Blog. But today we are going to Allow commenting in Blogger Blog. To proceed ahead first a must Tutorial to read How to Create a Static Page for Blogger Blog. To proceed ahead let move on with our today’s article and get […]