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How to add Social Networking Buttons in Blogspot Blog or WordPress Blog

This tutorial shows you how to place a social bookmarking button on your site by accessing a free social bookmark and feed button builder service. When a selection is made by a visitor eg Delicious, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, MySpace, Stumble Upon they are given the option to submit your blog to their online bookmarks. Adding […]

How to add meta tags to Blogger Blog for excellent SEO results

Adding meta tags to Blogger Blog keeps your blog visible by the search engine. By default Blogger doesn’t provide the facility of Meta tags and meta description. But here’s a great tutorial on how to add meta tags and start up great blogging from today onwards. Here is the two most important thing to be […]

How to submit Blog to Yahoo Sitemap

This post explains how to submit your blogger sitemap to Yahoo. By submitting your sitemap to yahoo, they will index your web pages in yahoo search engine and provide you with detailed information related to your blog like which pages are linking to yours,popular pages in your site and you can submit and track feeds […]

How to verify Blogger blog for Yahoo sitemap

If your blog is a new one or no pages in your blog are indexed(type your blog url in yahoo search and see to check whether your web pages are indexed or not), then you want Yahoo id to submit your sites,feeds,etc. This article explains you how to verify Blogger blog for yahoo sitemap. Submitting […]

How to add attractive lines at the end of Blogger Blog Posts

Adding attractive lines at the end of a particular post is a must for every blogger. Today we got something new and creative for all the Blogspot Blogger. Here is what we have for you today. Below is a list of some images that depicts the lines that you want to insert at the end […]

How to add attractive Profile Images to Blogger Blog Comments

The Blogger Blog has already provided many features, but still there are something which has to be made out. Today I will show you how easy it is to have Blogger (Blogspot) display profile images in the embedded comments section of your blog even if you are using a custom template. If you are using […]

How to add Facebook Like Fan Box in wordpress Blog or Blogger Blog

Facebook has not only become a place for young people to connect and network, but it has also become another avenue for businesses and organizations to connect, network and promote their organization.? Facebook fan pages can be created for virtually anything – for celebrities, athletes or for specific events or businesses. Creating a fan page […]