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Cool Blogger Template with Badgers Blogger Template

Badgers Blogger Template is another beautiful blogger template which is modified and converted from WordPress template made by WpCorner. Badgers Blogger Template is a simple but cool blogger template and it is made for serious bloggers who are intend to post a lot of posting and they add a nice image in their post. This […]

Awesome Blogger Templates is now here with Inove

Today we are going to show you an excellent theme which can make up your mind to install it in your blogger template and have fun with it. This template is so awesome that it is supported to provide you all features of all times for blogger templates. Inove is a free blogger template adapted […]

How to Delete Numbers on Blog Archives from blogger Blog

Deleting Numbers on Blog Archives can be very useful sometimes. In some cases when you don’t want your visitors to know about the number of article been posted for a particular month or year. You can take a look on the following article and have a great advantage with this article. Blogspot has already been […]

How to Add Real Time Technorati Rank Widget to blogger Blog

You know, don’t you? A very famous ping service web in the world. If you make monetize your blog, your blog should have better position in because some money maker webs use Technorati position or ranking as a standard. Blogspot has already been providing many great features and this feature could add lightnings […]

How to add Yahoo Buzz Button to blogger Blog Posts

Blogspot has already been providing many great features and this feature could add lightnings to your blog. If you ask us What is the advantage of adding Yahoo! Buzz Button in blog? I would simply tell, The advantage is to ease the blog owner or blog visitors to submit the article they think interesting into […]

How to add Alert Script of Welcome to blogger Blog

Have you ever visited a blog in which you open it, it doesn’t bring you to the blog content directly but shows you a message, like the image on the left. These kind of scripts are powered by JavaScript. Lets add one to your blog also. Blogspot has already been providing many great features and […]

How to add Google talk to Blogspot Blog

Getting Google Talk on the blogspot blog is very important. Google Talk help people to easily chat with people not around them. For every time a user who wants to talk or chat with others have to navigate to google talk software or open up his Google Email ID, but with this one can easily […]