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6 Must Security tips to keep Gmail account Safe & Secure

You did sure to laugh at someone if they did ask what is Gmail? This is because Gmail has become so popular that even a layman knows what Gmail is and will be making use of the services provided by Google. This is because Gmail has turned out to be one of the most users […]

Optimize database tables without phpMyAdmin in just one click with WP DB Optimizer Plugin

Optimizing the database is one of the biggest task one has to do with respecting to wordpress blogging. Optimization can be of different types as well like Optimizing Adsense Units for more productivity, Optimising Blog SEO, Optimizing wordpress Blog, but this optimization is little different from all the above specified one. WP DB Optimizer lets […]

10 Essential and must have WordPress Plugins

Hello friends, today we are going to post about the 10 Essential Plugins to¬† which every blog must have. These Plugins are useful because of their simplicity and reliability. Moreover, these plugins also gives us a clear idea on WordPress building and maintaining. The maximum benefits which the blog owner gets from these plugins is […]

Automatically Upgrade WordPress Version with WordPress Automatic upgrade Plugins

WordPress does not have automatic upgrade feature by default. Whenever there is a new version is released, webmasters required manually download and extract the new WordPress files in .ZIP or .TAR.GZ package to web server and then replace the old wordpress source code with the new one. However, this automatically wordpress updates can be perform […]