How to Business Blogs that You Can Replicate

Business blogs are mushrooming at an unprecedented pace of late. Is there still room for one more business blog? Can you still make a business blog that can easily be differentiated in the crowded world of blogging?

While it may be difficult to create a unique business blog, there is another strategy that you can easily employ: replicate. By replicate is meant duplicating or imitating a business blog but not in its entirety. It is far from photocopying something. Why reinvent the wheel as some say?

How to Business Blogs that You Can Replicate

Do not reinvent the wheel but innovate the wheel. That is what it is to replicate. Use your insight, creativity and imagination to replicate a business blog. Once you start the replication process, you will be amazed at how your blog will never even show signs it is a result of replication.

Not all business blogs are ideal candidates of replication. Here are some suggestions of the business blogs that are ideal for replication.

1. Blogs That Strengthen Relationships

Business blogs that focus on strengthening relationships are candidates for replication. Set your sights on a business blog that you are familiar with and start your replication process. Relationship strengthening is something that is becoming mainstream of late. Blogs that offer these are growing and booming. Many companies require innovation in customer relationship strengthening and employee relationship strengthening.

2. Blogs That Share Knowledge

We live in a knowledge hungry world. Any business blog that shares and increases someone else’s knowledge is a target for replication. Offer something similar but actually different. Sharing knowledge can be as simple as an improvement technique in basic math to such complicated stuff as car tuning or fuel boosting gadgets. Knowledge grows daily, so consider well how you can replicate and take advantage of the grown of knowledge. While you can go for some Location Based Blogging as well to grow more

3. Blogs That Increase Collaboration

Competition is seen as an unproductive way to do business. Hence, collaboration has become a by-word. Blogs that increase collaboration are also ideal for replication. Collaboration can come in a variety of combinations product collaboration, marketing channel collaboration, advertising channel collaboration, to name a few. So, take you pick but do so with caution.

4. Blogs That Improve Branding

Brand improvement and branding is a strategy that is wisely employed today. In an ocean of similar products, it is difficult to be identified and noticed. Branding comes in then, as the tool of choice. Select and replicate, you can never go wrong. Experiment and innovate, so your replication does not go to naught. You can also go for why people want their blogs/sites number 1 in Google

If you cannot create, then replicate. That is the wisest and cost efficient strategy that you can employ. With the number of business blogs increasing minute by minute, your choice of which one to replicate becomes an easy task. Just don’t forget to evaluate which blog.

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    Great share dude. thanks for this awesome write up.

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    Business Blog is really fun to deal with and at the same time very challenging role in internet industry. I am not a blogger but as a reader, i would definitely try to review their strategies and techniques on how to be like them.

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