Build SEO Automatically with Automatic SEO Links WordPress Plugin

Automatic SEO links to select out a word or phrase for the automatic connection and set the internal anchor text and also choose if there is a nofollow attribute.

What’s so great about this plugin is that you should set only the first occurrence of the word in your post. So, no fear of spamming your post with many links to the same thing!

The plugin is designed for agencies and SEO firms who run a lot of site audits and are looking to save time by getting a quick assessment of a website’s technical aspects and identifying any potential problems or issues.

Build SEO Automatically with Automatic SEO Links WordPress Plugin

The plugin isn’t designed to replace a experienced SEO, but it makes you more efficient and profitable.

Another thing that makes this unique is that all of the ranking factor definitions, results, advice, links, and even the thresholds for determining high or low for links and file size are editable right from inside your WordPress admin. It’s not just a “white label” report–it’s actually your own advice.

This plugin just changes the words in plain text, if it finds a word in a link, title, header.. it would not be replaced.

In case the plugin finds more of once the same word in a post, it will only change the first one. This is to avoid black seo and inconveniences to the users.

This is an awesome plugin which every blog must choose to install it. Have you ever used this plugin? what are your views about it ? what would you suggest more. Do share your view about it. Subscribe us to our latest RSS Feeds.

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  1. TechChunks says:

    I had given it a try sometime back. But found that its algorithm to auto-link wasn’t good enough and had to remove it. Are you using it? If so, with what kind of success?

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