BlueHost Web Hosting Best Review

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Bluehost are one of the larger web hosting companies with over 945,000 domain names currently in use. Offering many of the same features as the big names in web hosting. The low cost plans together with an exceptional customer service and technical support team.
Blue Host offer a hosting plan ideal for everyone, whether it’s for a personal website, a small business or a large company. The wide range of features included for the price means it is one of the best available. You get a lifetime domain name, setup and privacy registration all for free, with a massive storage allowance and transfer limit. Their technical support line is toll-free and available 24/7 – with an average waiting time of only 2 minutes.

Perfect for those operating several websites, Blue Host allow an unlimited number of domains to be held on each individual account and for a limited time only, all new registrations get a range of special offers including free submission of websites to the search engines and $50 worth of advertising at both Google and Yahoo Search Marketing.

Crunchynow Ratings

Cost 5/5
Features 5/5
Storage Allowance 5/5
Bandwidth 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Technical Support 5/5
Response Times 5/5
Overall Usability 4.9/5

BlueHost Web Hosting Best Review

Total Points Rating – 99%

Blue Host operate a first-class datacenter, complete with powerful Quad Opteron servers, UPS backup and monitoring 24/7 to ensure your website remains online.

Customer Support
One of the best hosting companies for customer service and technical support. There are several ways of contacting their friendly, efficient team – a free phone line manned 24/7, email, or a great online chat service, which doesn’t cost a dime.

Control Panel
Blue Host use the renowned control panel interface, Cpanel, to ensure account administration is as simple as possible for all users. In-depth instructions and clear, easy-to-use navigation mean running your account really is a piece of cake, even for novices.

What to expect:

Top-notch equipment
Guaranteed maximum uptime
Practical administration tools
Reliability and security of backups
Impressive customer service
Best range of features
Overall reliable business

Blue Host has a sheer amount of practical features and storage allowance provided for such a low cost deal. Blue Host are without a doubt a top class hosting company with a hard to beat web hosting plan.

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  1. Tim says:

    I concur with this review on Bluehost. I have used them in the past and my experience was very positive.

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